10 Artists Who Had A Downfall After Being At The Top of The World

We love listening to our favorite artists. It amazes us when we listen to their songs, especially when it is a new hit.

Although, I am sure that you have had a favorite singer who just out of nowhere "disappeared" after their fame.

Some very sad stories of artists who were at the top, but after some time were nowhere to be seen in the top hits.

Here is a list of a few singers who were at the top, but disappeared from the spotlight!

Sean Kingston

Yes, Sean Kingston, a singer who was at the top of his game in the late 2000s, broke records with his great voice and music hits. If you were a teenager in the 2000s, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Sean Kingston was a rapper when he was found by Matt Toblin on MySpace in 2007. With some training, he quickly became a king at hip hop. It was the same year he released his hit "Beautiful Girls," which peaked at the top 10 best songs of 2007.

Only 2 years later, he would release a hit album called "Tomorrow," including his hits "Fire Burning" and "Face Drop".

In 2010, Sean Kingston teamed up with another uprising talent- Justin Bieber, only to come together and sing a song called "Eenie Meenie". If you listened to this song, you can't disagree that it was one of the best songs in 2010; Also, one of the best in Sean's career!

Later in 2010, Sean Kingston had a near-fatal Jet Ski accident; One that required him to undergo heart surgery. Sadly, after this, Kingston was never the same. He slowly faded away from the music world. Being a big fan of him, I can also say I haven't heard of him much after 2011.

In the past decade, Sean has released some songs, but none of them were as popular as the ones he had in his golden era (07-10).

As of 2020, Kingston has created a "professional Rapper Boxing League" with a Hip Hop Super Agent. The rapper currently has a net worth of only half a million dollars, potentially to what could have been multi-millions!

The Black Eyes Peas

A group created in 2003, The Black Eyed Peas was one of the greatest music groups in the 2000s.

They broke records when they released their 2 hits "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta Feeling". The Black Eyes Peas is one of the only 11 artists who have achieved to get 1st and 2nd place, simultaneously.

They would later also release many other hits, such as "Rock That Body" and "Meet Me Halfway". It was not shocking when they were announced in the top 15 best music groups of the 2000s.

It was not until after 2010 when the fame of the Black Eyed Peas started to fade, leading to a break for a whole year from 2011 to 2012.

Things really weren't going their way, especially in 2017 when Fergie (one of the Black Eyes Peas members) chose to part ways. It wasn't anything personal, but she said that she wanted to devote her life to being a mom. It was getting harder and harder for her to stay over the years.

Jessica Reynoso, or aka J.Rey Soul, replaced Fergie after she left. Although, in 2018, being 8 years since their last song release, the Black Eyed Peas came back with a song "Ring the Alarm pt.1, pt.2, pt.3".

The Black Eyed Peas only recently made a return to the stage with some of their songs such as "Vida Loca," "Mamacita," and their most recent song that was just released a month ago with the famous star Shakira, "Girl Like Me".

The veteran music group of the 2000s is trying to make a comeback since last year, although not many teens of 2010 really know the Black Eyed Peas. Some even think the music group was created recently!


The star who became "Mr.Worldwide" when he released his first hit "I know you want me". His hit ranked #2 in the US Billboard Hot 100, and number 4 on the UK singles chart.

Pitbull would also, later on, come up with some new hits, such as: "Hotel Room Service," "Push the Feeling On," "International Love," and even where he teamed up with Usher to release a top trend, "DJ Got Us Fallin' in love".

In 2014, he joined Jennifer Lopez to sing together in the 2014 World Cup; The song is called "We Are One".

He would, later on, release even more songs, but none of them were ranked as high as the ones he sang from 2009 to 2014. Pitbull seemed as if he had disappeared from the music world. In many interviews that he has been part of, PitBull claimed that he is focusing more on his other businesses that are linked to his personal brand.

Once, a man who would hit billions of views yearly, now just a shadow in the music world.

Soulja Boy

This is the 17-year-old teen who released his #1 ranked hit "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" in 2007. Even before becoming a young adult, Soulja Boy broke records at a very young age, but did he keep that pace?

He would release another song that ranked in the top 20 best songs of 2009, called "Turn My Swag On". Sadly, Soulja Boy's quick fame didn't last long. It was only 3 years in his peak performance that many of the songs failed to deliver in the music industry.

Because of his huge downfall in the music industry, Soulja Boy joined the gaming industry in 2011, where he would release a bunch of mixtapes that would be part of video games.

Soulja Boy claims that he has a lot of interest in the video game industry. A talent that raised fairly quickly, but also had a quick downfall!

Mac Miller

A rapper who had a downfall in his personal life rather than in his singing industry. Mac Miller will be forever known as one who never goes to reach his full potential because of his short career.

The famous rapper was found dead in 2018 after officers suspected that he had "accidentally" had a drug overuse.

Other than his death, during his career, he managed to release many great hits, some of them being: "2009," "Best Day Ever," "Donald Trump," his song with Ariana Grande "My Favorite Part," and many other.

Mac Miller's death represented the many downfalls singers across the globe go in, not due to their lack of talent but rather their personal issues.

Ryan Lewis

Yes, you can see Ryan Lewis and Macklemore in the picture. This great duo has achieved to write one of the greatest songs in history. They were without a doubt one of the best duos of all time. Although, we have seen many new hits by Macklemore, what happened to Ryan Lewis?

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore released one of their greatest songs ever in 2011, called "Can't Hold Us". The song stayed on the number one spot for over a month! Later on, in 2012, they would also release some more great hits, "My Oh My,"Same Love," Thrift Shop," which was also ranked number 1 on the worldwide charts in 2012.

The duo was a great one, but sadly don't exist anymore, why is that? Once thought to be best friends, Ryan Lewis didn't show that after he announced his exit from the duo in 2017. Ryan stated it differently by claiming that he wasn't "good enough" to participate in further projects with Macklemore. A further explanation was never given, but the way he put it didn't sound that way.

Since then, Ryan managed to co-write 2 songs "Praying" by Kesha, and "Subaru Crosstrek XV" by Holo Johnson. Although, he hasn't been in the spotlight anymore, and probably won't be anymore!

Snoop Dogg

The Dogg who joined the game in the '90s, if it is one thing Snoop knows how to do, it is rap. Talk to anyone about Snoop Dogg and almost everyone will know him. Although, in recent years, Snoop Dogg's music career has been fairly quiet! What happened to the veteran rapper? What is he doing now?

Snoop Dogg's uprise all started in 1992 when he was featured in Dr.Dre's song, "Deep Cover". Only a year later, Snoop would release his album called "Doggystyle," which ranked number one on Billboard 200. The album nearly sold 1 million copies in its first week!

With all the other famous rappers from the '90s, such as Eazy-E, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Snoop was not really able to stand out as much as after their era. It was in 2004 when he released his song "Drop it like its hot," which really got huge attention from the public. It would later also be published on Youtube in 2009.

After having a hot decade from the early '90s to the mid-2000s, Snoop would back out from the music world. He still sings songs, but none of them really got much attention as they once did. Other than that, Snoop has also been nominated 17 times in the Grammy Awards, but has never won it! How sad...

Britney Spears

Yes, it's Britney bitch! Many call her the queen of pop, Britney Spears was only 17 when she released her two best-selling albums of all time, "Baby one more time" and "Oops!....I Did It Again". Britney also holds many other legendary world records, such as The best-selling teenage artist of all time, the greatest debate single of all time, and held a 15 year lead for the fastest-selling album by a female artist.

Britney was a leading artist in the 2000s, if you were a teenager back then and didn't know Britney, you most likely didn't listen to music. She released some top hits such as "Britney," "In The Zone," "Crossroads," "Gimme More," and the masterpiece "Blackout"; Britney, herself, refers to this as her best song she has ever made. It was not until after that year (2007), she was dealing with many personal issues in her life, after her divorce from Kevin Federline, where she would take a break from making music, for an entire year.

She came back in 2008 with her song "Circus," showing that she still had it. After that, she would also release "Femme Fatale" in 2011. Her last big hit was in 2012 when she teamed up with Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas, to sing "Scream & Shout".

Since her song with the member of the Black Eyed Peas, Britney hasn't really been in the spotlight. Everybody still knows her, but what happened to Britney Spears?

As of 2019, Britney was supposedly suffering psychological issues, due to her father's illness. Some say she entered a psychiatric facility, where she would later supposedly claim that it should have ended in 2009 after she refused to take her medications. This is where the #freeBritney accusations were raised. An accusation risen by Britney's fans that think her father is keeping her as a prisoner in the mental institutes.

As of November 2020, Britney Spears lost a court bid to remove her father's control over the estate. Her sister, Jamie Spears, has been their father's legal guardian for 12 years, as their father refused Britney because he was concerned about her mental health. The strange behavior of Britney all started in 2007, after her divorce from Kevin. She recently just posted a photo on Instagram that she was just "fine," and the happiest she has ever been. Her disappearance from the music world doesn't say the same.


The 23-year-old quickly became a favorite of many Hip Hop fans, from his hit "Panda".

One of the shortest uprises we have ever seen, shorter than Soulja Boy! Desiigner was signed by Kanye West (who sampled the song Panda) in his GOOD Music imprint. The song Panda ranked #1 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100. Sadly, only after 3 years, he was released by GOOD music.

In between those years, Desiigner would be part of some tracks- "PT.2" and "Freestyle 4", that was taken from Kanye West's 7th album- The Life of Pablo. Desiigner would also join many famous stars in live concerts during those years, stars such as Demi Lovato, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, etc.

As of 2020, he has now released "Diva" under his own label LOD Records. Since his hit "Panda", Desiigner hasn't really been in the spotlight. He also nearly got arrested in 2016, when some claimed that he pulled a gun on someone, but would be clear of charges a week later.


The band of 3 released their first debut single "Versace" in 2013, but only ranked 99. It was not until a year or two later, that they started entering the top 10's. All from their hits: "Fight Night", " Look at My Dab", "Bad and Boujee" with Lil Uzi, "Motorsport" with Cardi B & Nicki Minaj, and recently in 2018 "Walk it Talk It" with Drake.

A successful career that ran for half a decade but faded after 2018. The Migos released another song just 4 months ago, called "Need It" alongside YoungBoy. Although, since 2018, the band of three has lost the "fire" in them. Will they be coming back in 2021? A question we can't answer.

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