Does Hardship Make Us Stronger?

All of us once in a while go through hardship. These hard times can last for a week, a month, a year, or even a decade.

It is really common to feel down during this period of your life and to think that things won't get better anyhow. It is normal, and don't worry because you aren't the only one to feel that way. No matter how rich, famous, poor, or whatever you are, you can't escape tough times.

Tough times have huge benefits behind them, but many can't see those benefits. Why am I exactly saying this?

Inner Strength

During hardship, we always have many negative thoughts going through our heads. Thoughts that might seriously affect our mental health.

If you ask most people about hardship, they will always want to live without it. Almost all of us want to live an easy life and to just avoid issues altogether.

Although every time we go through hardship, we start to recognize ourselves more. We start to dig deep inside and start to see what we are. After our hardships, we start to feel inner strength. You see a new you, that is a new inner strength you built.


Without losing something, without getting broken a few times, we really can't appreciate what we have. It isn't because you are ungrateful, but it is kind of how the human mind works. We learn better by practice than by theory. Whether it involves losing a loved one or losing something you really like, you will start to appreciate what you have more. It will be a wake-up call to tell you that everything is temporary.


We can often feel very depressed when we are hurt by a friend, a family member, or someone we really love. The only times that will teach you how to see what people are, are during hardships. It can also assist in making better decisions when it comes to dealing with people.

New paths

When one door closes another one opens, is the famous saying. Opportunity always lies in turbulent times. Even during many world crises, such as depressions and recessions, it was shown that when many companies closed down, better ones would open right after. You have to first hit rock bottom so you can bounce back stronger.


Tough times don't last forever, tough people do.

There are many benefits behind the hardship all of us go through, but it all depends on how we see it.

After some points I mentioned today, I hope this was enough to shift your perspective on seeing your life.

Always remember that when you become stronger, you can also enjoy life more.

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