Here's How to Have Confidence During an Interview

Updated: Jun 21

Are you another person who lacks confidence during an interview?

Do you feel as if you might make a mistake during the interview and lose that job opportunity you have been hoping to get?

It is really stressful to be in a situation where you aren't able to express yourself the way you want to. Nobody wants to feel this way so that is why I am going to show you a few tips on how to never feel stressed again during an interview.

Don't Try to Be Perfect

If not every recruiter, some recruiters at least want to hire someone who is unique. We always fall into a trap of trying to act perfect and guess what happens? We make things worse.

The fact of you just thinking of not making mistakes will eventually lead you into making more.

Instead of speaking freely, you will feel limited and say things that will easily make the recruiter realize you are nervous. That is where you might lose the opportunity from showing who you really are.

If it makes you feel better, what you want to know is that nobody during an interview will feel as confident as you, unless they have been through many interviews. So, don't worry, you are not alone!

Speak slowly

Sometimes, during an interview, we may think it is a good idea to speak fast and look confident, but that is where we are wrong. If you are one of those individuals, then this tip is for you.

When you speak fast, you are just letting yourself get more nervous, and have more of a chance of messing up words. No matter how nervous you may feel, if you speak slowly, it will still make you look better, and reduce your chances of messing up.

An interview should be relaxed, and taking time to get to know each other, so take your time next time you speak.


Many like to speak more than they listen. No matter how much you hate listening, listening will allow you to give a better answer when you have to answer a question. Even if you aren't feeling nervous, when you don't pay attention, you will automatically become nervous and give wrong answers.

The quality of the speech is always more important than the quantity.

Be yourself

Nobody can be like you, and you can't be like someone else. That is why we are all unique in our own way.

The best thing to do during an interview is to always be yourself. By doing this, your self-confidence will increase and you will feel more relaxed. The best thing is that you can let the recruiter know who you actually are, and see if you actually fit in that role.

You will always have a better interview when you show your true self instead of trying to act like someone else.

Now, go out there and show those recruiters that you are unique! If you found these tips helpful and would like to check out more of my blogs, visit my site here.

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