Here's Why The Education System is Failing

We are living in a century where a high school diploma won't get you as far as it did decades ago. Now, you can apply for a job, and 90% or more of these jobs require a Bachelors or Masters degree.

Is a degree really as valuable as it seems? Do the double degree, master's, or Ph.D.'s look as smart as they are?

Today, I am going to talk about why the majority of education systems fail to teach us what we actually need to know in life.

Lack of Experience

The problem with most education systems is that almost all the time, the person teaching you doesn't actually teach from experience but teaches from a textbook. It is really easy for everyone to just grab a textbook and theoretically talk about running a business.

Go ask your teachers if they actually know how to run a business; The answer will most of the time be a solid "no".

If you would ask them a question that wasn't in the textbook, they couldn't give you a correct answer. Experience and theory have a huge difference in between each other. You can apply a theory with experience but can't be experienced knowing things theoretically. This is a major deal all students are dealing with around the world, the lack of experience most teachers fail to give students.

Out of Date Textbooks

Many textbooks that are used in education systems are usually out of date. Some universities claim that they change them every 3 to 4 years but in the real world, every day, there are always new things to learn about.

Some educational institutions also don't update their books for over 4 years, making the information you read, very misleading.

The untold truth

What do your professors usually say when you ask them about succeeding in life? Study hard and all your dreams will come true, right? Wrong!

Another major issue with the education system is that it fails to teach students that life has many struggles throughout the process. They fail to show you the real picture, and everything in your post-graduation career will seem so different from what you were told. No, I'm not saying every single school/university promotes this but many of them do.

Punish you for mistakes

What happens when you take that exam you were stressing about all night? What happens if you fail the exam? You usually get criticized and get a bad grade. This is what the education system is teaching you how to NOT make mistakes, whereas mistakes in the real world are the key to growth.

There is not a single successful person in the world who got to the top without making a ton of mistakes. If you don't make mistakes, you won't learn.

No Self Value

Another huge issue with the education system is not making students feel good about themselves. No, when I say good, I don't mean giving them a good grade and making their day. I mean self-value, making the student feel confident about themselves.

Even though there are many subjects, not every subject can be for everyone. We should instead seek to help them find what they like and not make them believe they have to be good in every subject. If you are "good" at everything, you are actually good at nothing.

Boring Lectures

Oh no, it's time to go to that boring class again! This a very common thing you hear from students, being full of boredom. Is it their fault? Most of the time no, it is the education system. You ask your teacher "why do we have to go through this lesson?" Their reply will always be "oh, I was told we have to, or you have to know this," Know this for what? Something I won't even use tomorrow? Come on!

Why don't we tell more interesting stories during class? Or why doesn't the education system promote the person teaching you to be a mentor for you, instead of a teacher?


What we can conclude is from the history seen, most education systems are promoting an employee mentality. Instead of that, we should be promoting our students to become successful entrepreneurs and see the real world from an early age.

Let's not demotivate people, but rather make them feel good about themselves. This can only be done by changing our teaching methods. Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to attack anyone but for educational purposes.

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