High Income Skills in 2021

Wouldn’t you just love to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about money? Or easily buy something you really want? What would it mean if your job is a passion and not a 9-5?

Without going any further, you may or might not know what high-income skills are.

A high-income skill is a skill set that allows you to make a minimum of 100 thousand dollars per year.

An average wage differs all over the world, but in the US, it is somewhere between 40-60 k a year.

With a high-income skill, your overall financial freedom grows.

There are many great skills out there you can pursue, some of which are trending in 2021 and are the future of business.

Here are some high incomes skills of 2021:


Copywriting is a very underrated high-income skill. Many businesses worldwide have now started to introduce it as a new position, while even some worldwide companies don't even know what copywriting is.

A type of writing that has special art in it, copywriting is not the same as every type of writing. Copywriters persuade you to take action through their writing. In a simple definition, selling through written words.

Copywriters also write magazine articles, books, handbooks, product descriptions, scripts, do ghostwriting, and write blogs.

Copywriters are self-employed or employed. Many times they are confused with content writers or even journalists. The truth is, they are different from both of them.

An overview of what a copywriter does:

  • Writing ad copy for e-commerce websites, billboards, TV commercials, publications, and social media ads.

  • Developing a marketing strategy for a business and many more.

Copywriting is definitely not the highest paid out of all the high-income skills, but with its persuasiveness and strategies of selling through written words, it can definitely make you 5 figures easily.

Software & Web Development

You’ve heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Have you? It is a big trend in the modern-day, and also wouldn’t have existed without Software Developers.

Nowadays, you can’t see any tech-orientated business without software and web development.

Software development has to do with coding background software that supports application development. They all do this through programs like C, C++, Python, Java, etc.

The objectives of Software developers are usually:

  • Building/maintaining computer systems

  • Network security

  • Developing new software, hardware, etc.

Software developers are paid on average even more than copywriters. You will rarely ever see them earn less than 55-60 k a year (USD).

Web development from the word itself is establishing running websites on the internet. They are all responsible for creating the websites you see when you go on a companies website.

For web developers, the lowest average pay may be more basic at the beginning. Although, senior web developers are usually paid around the same range, exceeding 150 k a year.

Public Speaking

No, I don’t mean go and speak in front of a bunch of your friends. I mean sell value to a public audience.

Public speaking is definitely a well-known 5 to 6 figure high-income skill.

Have you seen the many motivational speakers, public speakers on TED talks, and well-known celebrities, speaking in front of the public? They are all out there to sell something, and Public speaking is a really good way to do that.

Do you remember Steve Jobs selling the iPhone? I am sure he wouldn’t have sold that many iPhones if he hadn’t have spoken in front of the public.

You can also consider public speaking to be online as well(Youtube, live streaming, vlogs, etc.). With a good fan base and audience, public speakers definitely earn lots of income.

Cyber Security

Have you ever encountered a cyber attack? In more simple words, when your private information gets hacked/stolen online, or maybe even when you catch a virus! Is there any way to prevent this? You bet there is! That is what cybersecurity is for.

You can get attacked in many ways on the web. You might download some files that contain threats and will harm your PC. In some cases, these threats might lose all your data if it isn’t backed up!

Security engineers, Security administrators, software developers, cryptographers, security consultants, all do their best to prevent these attacks. If it weren’t for them, we would have had all of our data stolen.

They continuously work hard in the cybersecurity industry to keep us safe from cyber attacks, as they increase year by year.

Windows Firewall is one security application created by Microsoft itself that protects you against all types of cyberattacks. Of course, there are many more but this was just an example.

Security analysts, consultants also give ideas on how to prevent external threats. They constantly analyze how these threads get through and find ways to keep them away.

These people are working very hard to keep our data safe, so we should be grateful for paying them high salaries! Another high-income skill indeed.

Digital Marketing

All those ads you see on social media, google, etc, all come from Digital Marketing. It is one of the most important fields in business and definitely a field that wouldn't let you grow your business without it.

Digital Marketers are responsible for building brand awareness through digital channels. They do this through emails, blogs, Social Media Advertising, Google Ads, etc.

Digital Marketers are also really good at developing business growth strategies. They manage ad campaigns, SEO, social media ads, and keep track of all ad performance.

Digital Marketers that are good at promoting growth and have a good number of clients, will usually easily reach a 5 to 6 figure income.


I’m sure you know Elon musk (Tesla), Jeff Bezos(Amazon), Jack ma(Ali Baba), right? All of these individuals have the skill of entrepreneurship.

The best thing about an entrepreneur is that he/she makes their own schedule and income level.

Entrepreneurs tend to work 1.5 times to 2 times, and even 3 times (Elon Musk) more than regular employees. There is no 40-hour workweek in their schedule. You will see them at a minimum working 50 hours a week, and even up to 120 hours in crazy situations.

Entrepreneurs only care about making money, not through one stream, but through many streams.

Success is definitely not easy, but it is always worth it.

Most entrepreneurs are also influencers. Usually on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

To clarify what Entrepreneurs do, here is a preview of what they do best:

  • Working more than 8 hours

  • Developing business plans

  • Getting loans to support their ideas

  • Personal branding

  • Social media managing

  • Cold email selling, or cold calling

  • Inventing a product or service

  • Affiliate Marketing

The most complex story about most entrepreneurs is that they can either have a lot of money or be in a lot of debt.

Although all entrepreneurs that never gave up did manage to get somewhere, even if they aren't the greatest, they are better than employees.

From all the high-income skills, I would say this skill and copywriting are my favorites.

All high-income skills require sacrifice, but also pay off. It is always worth it if you keep learning, and improving.

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