How Covid-19 Changed The Workplace Forever

Updated: May 21

2020, a year to be remembered in history.

Because of what?

All because of covid-19!

It has affected us all in some way. Many financially, psychologically, and physically.

How about our workplaces? Something we are very concerned about. Will it go back to normal? or not?

For sure, we are heading to a more digital world than ever before.

Here are some ways in which the workplace will completely change after covid-19 starts to fade away.

Video calling

The main method employers use to communicate with their employees. Video calling has become a trend during the quarantine. It has shown employers that you can do the job without having to be there physically.

This way of communication increases corporate flexibility. All companies now are aware of how well zoom calling actually works. This will be used as a way to communicate with employees who might not come to work someday, because they may be sick, may have to take care of their kids, or have an appointment to go to, etc.

Video calling is also used for companies who don't have a physical office, but rather work 100% remotely. Its usability is increasing daily and might be the main source of communication in the next ten years.

Casual dressing

Because we don't really see each other, our business dressing is becoming more casual. You might be laying in bed and working on your laptop. A suit won't really be something you will wear, oops! Don't tell your boss that!

Many employers now have policies that allow you to not wear a suit if you don't have any meetings with clients.

The good old business dressing is starting to retire!


What I personally love about covid-19 is that it has taught us that we don't need to be physically present to learn something.

Is your boss another person who thinks you have to be in the office to teach you something? Well, too bad for them, because now they have found ways on how to teach employees online. With all the valuable information on the web, I think it is way easier to learn how to get something done.

E-learning can be in a way motivating, it urges people to take more action in developing their skills. A really good lesson by covid-19.

More Remote work

Finally, a generational shift. Due to a lot of companies closing, and many restrictions, remote working has been increasing, especially a lot during 2020. It may be the main employment source in the next 10 years.

Employers found new ways on how to accomplish their daily tasks remotely, and why wouldn't we? We are moving towards a 100% digital age, so better adapt quicker than later.

It has in ways reduced costs (office, personal, employee, etc.). It is better for businesses that deal with online work.

It has made it more possible to build an international team, just like some big companies around the world did, working remotely.

Google is also introducing a new hybrid model of allowing workers to work half of the week in the office and half at home.

Covid is teaching us to march to progress, rather than keeping the same old habits.

Is it really just a virus, or rather a harsh teacher?

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