How Important is Your Working Environment?

Maybe you are someone who loves your working environment and can't wait to go to work or just maybe, you are a person that is always thinking of how they are going to go to work the next day.

Regardless of your passion, something many people don't ever think of is their working environments.

Your working environment is more important than you think and makes up most of your feelings at work. Is it better to work with people who are trying to help you or those who are trying to put you down all the time?

Here are a few reasons why your environment matters.

Work Ethic

The environment you work in is always more powerful than your motivation. Working in an environment with lots of negativity can greatly influence the way you perform and your work ethic. This usually leads to burnout and feeling as if your job is repetitive. In these work environments, all you will hear is people complaining, backstabbing each other, and putting you down. These are environments you want to always avoid.

Imagine working for someone or with others who are always saying good things about you and being optimistic about the outcome of the company. You see these people are full of passion and influence you to be also. Unless you are someone who naturally hates working, positive environments always pick you up even when you are having a rough day. These groups of people are usually the ones who commit the most to a company and strive for the best.


If you are working in an environment where people only care about finishing their shift, you are definitely in the wrong one!

No matter how motivated you are or how many ideas you may have, being around people with the wrong mindset won't benefit your self-growth. It is just like speaking to each other in a different language. A person that is focused on growth won't grow with people that are not.

It is vise versa for people who are in the right environment. Even if an uncommitted person stays around successful people, they will usually teach that person how to be committed. That is the difference between good and bad working environments.

Mental Health

Your overall mental health is shaped by your working environment. Always being put down by the rest will obviously get to you someday no matter how motivated you are. They will pass that energy on to you. It is a very important factor at a workplace and should never be ignored.

Mental health is something that should be paid attention to a lot at the workplace. If the employees are not mentally well, neither will the company be. It usually always reflects the higher powers. Higher powers always reflect the business.

Mentally healthy employees are the ones who are looked after. These types of employees will not want to miss a day of work, will commit to the company, and will increase the companies productivity.

The paycheck is usually not always as important as what working environment you are in. Most will accept even lower paychecks just to work under someone who takes care of them.

Employees with better mental health also have better response rates, communication, and better work quality.

Self Confidence

Being helpful to your colleagues and vise versa also changes the way you see yourself. It increases your self-confidence and makes you feel better as a person at the workplace.

Guess what? When you feel better, you also perform better!

Nobody ever did harm by doing good to others, so sharing positive energy with each other also makes the team and company better. It increases commitment and makes everyone feel good at the workplace. If you see one of the most reasons many companies fail, it is mostly because they are backstabbing each other, or hating on each other.


After reading this blog, we hope you understood that your environment shapes most of the way you feel. Through these tips, you can now know if you need to take action or not.

It is really easy to let go and say okay to everything but one day those things will get to you. You always want to be around people and teams that are pushing you to be the best you can be. To make your performance excel and not plunge.

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