How The Movie "12 Monkeys" Predicted The Pandemic

25 years ago, we probably never thought a pandemic would hit us in 2020, or even think that we would all go into lockdown. It was the movie "12 Monkeys" that premiered in 1996, only to tell the world back then that there will be a pandemic. Only a movie to many but has become a nightmare reality we are all facing!

The overall plot of the movie all resonates around a deadly virus that kills 99% of the entire world population! Because the virus also affects the air, everyone is forced to live underground. A group known as "The Army of The Twelve Monkeys" are the ones who supposedly created the virus initially; A group ran by Jeffrey Goines (Aka Brad Pitt).

The character "James Cole" played by actor Bruce Willis, undergoes serious traumatic periods during the movie as he goes back in time in order to find the origin of the virus and to help scientists develop a cure for it. Although, Cole is terribly troubled by all the nightmares he goes through during his journey, nightmares involving a foot chase and shootings at an airport.

During Cole's time travel, he manages to go back in time 6 years before he was planned to. After he travels back in time he gets arrested and sent to a mental hospital, specifically to Dr. Kathryn Railly. During his time in the mental hospital, Cole tries to explain what has happened to all the doctors around him. After much researches were done, Cole and the rest find out that the Army of Twelves Monkeys were not the ones who started the pandemic.

One of the film's producers claimed that many people are starting to relate to this movie since Covid has become somewhat similar to its plot. Covid has recently killed over 3 million people (as of now) and nobody knows how long it will last.

Other than the movie, a TV series "12 Monkeys" also started back in 2015 that lasted for 4 seasons. The show is relatively different from the movie but became a trend during the pandemic as many refer to the 12 Monkeys movie.

Many relate the movie to the similarity of a lockdown, just that we aren't underground just yet, and hopefully won't get to that point. Although, the many that have died in the past year, it does relate to the movie in some way.

The thought that we can't time travel and stop the virus, what we can relate is that we also don't know how the virus started or when it started. Many have different claims, many say it started earlier and many say it didn't. Some say it started in a lab, some say it was from a bat. We really might never know how or when it started but the movie does point something out, that unless we actually find the truth, anything can just be an assumption.

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