Is The 40-Hour Work Week Coming to an End?

Many scientists are starting to prove that the 40-hour workweek is doing nothing to people except destroying their happiness.

Some research done in Iceland found out that when companies reduced the working hours of individuals from 40 hours a week to 34-35 hours a week, the results were shocking as they showed their well-being increased and that their stress levels were much lower.

Microsoft conducted a 4 day work week in 2019 in Japan and claimed that productivity went up by nearly 50%, compared to working 40 hours a week.

Most trials are now trending in Iceland, where nearly 90% of the population is working fewer hours.

A researcher at Autonomy, Will Stronge, claimed that a trial test was done on 2,500 people and showed they were all happier and found that their daily lives dramatically increased. It all contributed positively to their mental health.

More trials around the world are starting to increase where Alba and Autonomy are advocating for shorter workweeks. They also told this to CNN Business just recently where shorter workweeks are being considered all across the globe. As of now, many more advanced countries are taking this into consideration which will only start to spread across the globe, hopefully.

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