Jobs That Will Never Be Replaced By AI: Are You At Risk?

The rise of AI has been getting a lot of people thinking if they will be replaced in the future. Is the job you are working at now secure? Or is it just a limited time before you are going to have to say goodbye to your job?

Not everyone can be replaced, there are still many jobs that AI won't be able to replace no matter how advanced it is. It is usually the ones who have a special skill that isn't able to be replaced. The ones who actually do something that requires creativity and not just repetitive work.

Will AI replace you?

Let's see!

What AI Lacks

AI will advance to an excellent level but no matter how much it advances, there are many things it will never be able to do. AI is created by a human being and only has the amount of power a human being will give it.

According to Data Flair, they managed to come up with some pros and cons of AI. Some benefits of having AI work for you are:

· AI doesn’t get tired or wear out easily

· Helps in daily activities that waste your time

· Doesn’t get burned out

· Doesn't take breaks

· Doesn't argue.

When it comes to physical work or getting burnt out quickly, AI definitely replaces us easily. Let's see where AI has weaknesses in:

· High costs

· No uniqueness

· No creativity

· No improvement

No matter how smart AI is, it can never self-improve itself as a human being would. AI always works just the way it is programmed. It lacks creativity and doesn't improve with experience. AI can't socially interact, so it won't be able to give feedback on what happened during social interaction. Anything that requires constant improvement, AI wouldn't be able to succeed.

What Jobs Can AI Replace?

All the jobs that will be replaced by AI will include those that are repetitive and that usually don't involve any creativity.

The scariest part is that, according to some research done at Oxford University, 20 million jobs are already predicted to replace human beings in the next decade! Is your job at risk?


Taxi drivers, bus drivers, even your own personal car will replace drivers. Driving is something fairly repetitive, it isn't hard for robots to overtake us in this. When autonomous driving comes into play, all drivers can say goodbye to the wheels!

This may even be better for passengers since they won't have to interact with anyone, and even not have any trust issues when in the car.

Store Workers

One day, we will go to the store, buy something, and just leave without any social interaction. The advancements of AI security and electronic payments will allow AI to overtake store workers. In some cases, it may even be better for most people to buy at a store and not interact with anyone.

Factory Workers

Even from many years ago, you have seen robots do most of the work in factories. If you take a look at how cars are manufactured, you will see that lots of the work are done by robots.

Most factory workers that do simple things such as packaging or re-checking certain products, will easily be replaced by AI. Even the fact that we mentioned before, human beings wear out easily from repetitive work and AI doesn't!


Too easy for AI. Receptionists are already in danger of being replaced from now since some hospitals in Belgium are even reported to have robots overtaking the receptionist duties.

Automated phoning and automated touchscreen systems are exactly what replace human beings in these roles. Just think about it, the AI doesn't get tired, and the human being does. You would probably choose robots too!

Jobs That AI will Never be Able to Replace

As we mentioned before, AI doesn't have any creativity or improvement with experience. Jobs that need updates and improvements every single day won't be replaced by artificial intelligence. No matter how good they get, they don't have something that we have, and that is creativity.


Unless some crazy scientist builds robots that will destroy us all, AI won't ever be able to be a unique engineer.

There are stages robots go through when they are built. They do have fields in engineering that they can do. Most of them are entry-level jobs that don't require many daily updates. The only engineer robots that won't be able to replace are the ones who constantly stay updated and have advanced knowledge in the field.


Something we know for sure is that even if AI had some creativity, it will never have enough compared to an artist.

Artists are very unique human beings. They express their work by the way they feel, something a robot can't ever do. Art is the product of human spirituality. By art, I don't just mean painting, drawing, etc. Artists are also considered singers, dancers, musicians, directors, photographers.

It isn't easy being an artist, although if you work hard enough, be unique, then there is no reason you wouldn't be successful at it. AI won't ever beat a unique artist.


In sports, you can't get away with robots. There is too much dedication and practice that is required to do this. AI doesn't have any of that.

Athletes are what give us that great feeling of watching them play. Their consistency, experience, and preparation are what make them irreplaceable.


AI won't bring justice to the table no matter how well it is built. Being a judge isn't really easy, but to have AI judge us is not something smart either. There are too many things to analyze when you are a judge, and really requires lots of thinking and experience to do. The only thing AI will analyze is what kind of questions it was programmed to answer, and that isn't enough to be a judge!


Word counts, drafts, revision, grammar checks, etc. AI can do some of this but still isn't able to recognize what is right and what is wrong in the content. Writing is expressing your creativity through words. AI can't do research and can't express creativity. So Guess what? Writers are too unique.


You got to see what and what not is at risk in the future.

Is your job at risk?

If it is, then it is time to think of changing your career.

The early bird always wins!

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