The End of Internet Explorer is Near!

If you were born in the 90s, you would understand how important and popular Internet Explorer use to be once.

Created in 1995, Internet Explorer was considered to be the best for browsing on the internet. Especially, since it was created just after the internet.

But now, something happened. Internet Explorer is no longer the 'king of the jungle', rather a browser that is set to be discontinued next year!

How did this all add up?

The downfall

Internet Explorer is a browser first developed by Microsoft itself in 1995. Very widely used until other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox started to come into the game.

According to StatCounter, Internet Explorer is now only used by 1% of Internet users worldwide in an analysis they conducted on November 2020.

It was just after 2002 when Internet Explorer started seeing a decrease in its number of users, this was all because of the surprise of Mozilla Firefox. A much more powerful and faster browser than Internet Explorer.

The uprise of Internet Exporer was fairly good but also didn't last as long as we thought. Especially after Google Chrome got released, Microsoft would start to replace Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, a much more powerful browser that can actually go head to head with Google Chrome. Let's not also forget that Google Chrome destroyed the usage rate of IE completely.

When will Microsoft Retire Internet Explorer?

Last year, Micorosft was thinking of retiring it in late summer of 2021, but the date got postponed. As for now, Microsoft claims that by June 15th, 2022, the application of Internet Explorer will be retired and won't be supported by Microsoft anymore.

Microsoft says that IE and all of its features will be replaced completely by Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge will also have a IE Mode which will be similar to Internet Explorer just in a different way of course.

For all those people who love IE, it is time to say good bye to our legendary friend. Although for most it won't be that sad because of course it was a slow browser anyways!

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