The Top 5 Best Job Search Websites of 2021

Updated: May 19

Finding a job can be very frustrating and hard when you are unemployed. Rejection can also be one of the worst things that can happen during the process.

Every day is a struggle and the only thing you are hoping for is that some miracle happens the next day. You have trouble sleeping and want to slow time down because every day, you are just spending money and not earning any.

I understand what you are going through every day, that is why today I am going to show you the top 5 best job-seeking sites out there.

5. Monster

Monster was founded in 1994, nearly 30 years old but still many people don't know about it. There are over 8,000 new job posters posted on Monster's website every day. It is a global website and fairly easy to use. The best thing about it is that they also have an app that you can download on your phone.

Everything you use on Monster is free unless you want more premium services, which will usually cost you anywhere from $130 to $350. These services are for premium users and usually include help with your profile, resumes, cover letters, and much more.

4. Upwork

By seeing this, you may think Upwork is only good for freelancers as it is a well-known freelancing site. Founded in 1999, Upwork was first known as "Elance" and would later change its name to Upwork in 2015. Upwork has about 20 million registered freelancers and 3 million jobs posted, all of these jobs together are worth billions of dollars!

Some may think that Upwork only promotes freelancing but trust me, it doesn't. I have been contacted countless times on Upwork for a full-time job and have to say that nearly half the job posters I saw on there were full-time jobs.

Otherwise, Upwork is a very responsive site and even easier for you to land a job when you have a few years of experience. It isn't very good for beginners but is great for those with more years of experience. The best thing about Upwork is that even many employers might even contact you by themselves from time to time!

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the most unique job search websites out there. Also one of the most responsive job search engines around. What makes Glassdoor unique is that it always shows company reviews and salaries. Before you start working with anyone, Glassdoor gives you a preview of what you are going to encounter. This is something not any other job search site would tell you.

Glassdoor also has over 70 million company reviews and insights, and about 10 million job listings. You can upload your resume on Glassdoor for others to see it. Like I said before, the reviews and comments people give you about employers make you more prepared than ever before starting a new job!

2. Indeed

A very well-known job search website, Indeed has been around the internet since 2004. Indeed is one of the largest job sites in the world, with almost 300 million monthly users.

Indeed is a very well personalized job-seeking site. It allows you to search for jobs from entry-level to senior-level, either being freelance, part-time, an internship, or a full-time job.

The best thing about Indeed is that you also don't need an account to apply to the jobs you are seeking. Indeed provides apps in many different languages globally, something other job search sites don't do!

Just like Glassdoor, Indeed provides reviews about companies and the best part is that you can also do salary comparisons in between employers.

1. LinkedIn

There are many discussions about whether LinkedIn or Indeed is the better one but the truth is that they are both great job-seeking websites. Although, LinkedIn was definitely made for having the best experience with your job search. It is a combination of a social media network and a job search engine put together. That is what makes LinkedIn the greatest job searching site out there.

It was first founded in 2003, not being a very popular site until the early 2010's. LinkedIn now has nearly 1 billion registered users and they haven't been connected more than ever. All these users can even make an income through LinkedIn if they have a decent amount of followers. All users can like, comment, and share each other's posts.

Just like Instagram, LinkedIn allows you to have followers and connect with others. You can also connect with recruiters and speak to them directly, set up meetings, and so on. This is not something you can do on other job searching websites. This is exactly what gives LinkedIn a huge advantage over the rest.

If you are searching for a job or hiring, LinkedIn allows you to put an "open to work" or "hiring" tag on your profile photo, which alarms recruiters and job seekers of who to contact. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more you will also be exposed to recruiters and job seekers.

The usability of the app is fairly easy, and you also have 3 apps: LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Job search and the app itself. Most things are free, but you can also choose to buy LinkedIn premium which ranges in price anywhere from $30 per month and up. Premium allows you to access LinkedIn learning courses, contact recruiters without having to add them, see who is viewing your profile, and so much more!

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