Top 10 True Crime Documentary to Watch on Netflix

Do your family and friends judge you because you love to binge on true crime shows? Don't worry we don't do that here, rather we appreciate the genre. Crime shows and series based on true life incidents are always the most fascinating to watch. There's nothing more thrilling than to crack the code of an unsolved crime. Sometimes the show ends with heartbreaking truths ,unsolved mysteries, pity on the victim and an act that can't be undone. While at times the end is more acceptable with justice to the victim. The suspense that comes along with the shows is what makes them more indulging to watch. If you're brave enough to handle the truth, take a look at the best true crime documentaries, movies, and series to add to your Netflix wishlist.

1. American Murder, The Family Next Door

A happy family of four came into limelight after the disappearance of two children and wife. The husband and father of two then confesses of their killings. The question of Why he did so? is explained in the four and half hour documentary.

2. Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story

The Court accused Cyntoia Brown of killing Johnny Allen ,serving her a 15 years of life sentence. The act was purely based on self defense although the law didn't categorize it as one. Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna and other celebs supported her journey. This documentary follows her journey starting from 2004.

3. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez, the famous New England Patriots football player was dragged down of fame when he was charged for murder. After intense investigation he was found to be guilty, soon after which he died in prison. This show is worth watching due to the suspense sequences.

4. The Confession Killer

Henry Lee Lucas, who was convicted of 11 murders, confessed to hundreds of killings he didn't commit. Weird enough? He was given psychological sessions and treatment to cure his mental illness. But he didn't adhere to the law and was caught red handed.

5. The Staircase

Famous Novelist Michael Peterson was highly doubted by the Court, his friends, relatives and even his children, of his wife's death. He claimed that his wife slipped down the staircase, but the law wasn't ready to go with it. The story follows a series of unexpected twists and turns which finally unravels to amaze us.

6. Abducted in Plain Sight

The first question that will Pop up in your mind after watching the story is ``Whom can you Trust?". A close family friend, Robert Berchtold kidnaps and brainwashes the 12 year old daughter of the Broberg family creating chaos among their minds.

7. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

A fun family vacation turns into the worst nightmare when a 3 year old girl child disappears from the hotel room in Portugal. Two theories were applied by the police, the one where she was thought to be kidnapped for sex trafficking. The other involved blaming her own parents. The story revolves around the theories to make the audience wait for the truth.

8. Strong Island

The Oscar nominated documentary focuses on the racial injustice and the murder of William Ford, the brother of the director. The true life incident is filled with grief ,twists and analogies. The story will make you aware of the injustice that prevails in the judiciary.

9. Making a Murderer

Steven Avery was unfortunately found guilty for a crime he didn't commit, due to which he was imprisoned for 18 years. Soon after his release he became the prime suspect of a young photographer's murder. His tragedy is a real one.

10. Time: The Kalief Browder Story

Another case of racial injustice: Kalief Brower, a 16 year old black kid, was falsely accused of stealing a backpack. After which he served 800 days on the solitary Rikers Island after which he was taken to trial, in the room of Law. Much injustice, it hits hard when we recall that it is based on a true incident. That was a tough one, the list ends here. Let us know if you have watched any of these and read trending updates here.

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