The Types of People You Should Always Avoid

Have you ever been around someone that just ruins your day? Well, I'm sure you have and I know it isn't a good feeling at all.

They will always be giving you negative feelings, either by making you feel worse, demotivated, or something else.

Well, don't worry because today I am going to show you the types of people you should AVOID at all costs and not feel guilty about it!

Those With Low Self-Esteem

Now, I know many won't understand this at first, but usually, people with low self-esteem have a lot of negative energy. They are all reflecting this energy from themselves.

It can be annoying to always hear someone complaining and that is definitely people with low self-esteem. They are always whining about why things don't go their way but don't do anything about it.

You are who you hang around and you don't want these types of people dragging you down. They will be telling you things they can't do themselves and talk you out of doing it.

Those Who Waste Your Time

Isn't it fun to go out and party all night? Or just chill with your friends at a bar, drinking? Yea, it is, but you have to be aware no matter how nice someone may be, the ones who consume your time will cost you the most valuable thing in life, time.

Maybe when you are a teenager, you really won't ever realize it, or maybe even never realize it during your whole lifetime. The hours you spend at bars, clubs, etc, will cost you a better future.

Your friends or relatives who are always inviting you to unproductive activities, it always has a cost behind it. Try hanging around people who invite you to better activities that will make you improve day in and day out.

Regret is a very hard pillow to swallow.

Those Who Are Jealous

Remember when you were a kid, and you use to get jealous why another kid had something you didn't, or because they stole your toys? Well, as you grow older, you might realize you have jealous friends. If this is your case, you definitely would want to stop hanging around these people as soon as possible. Some of the reasons being:

  • They wish bad for you

  • They will try to compete with you

  • They will give you negative feedbacks

  • They aren't actually your friends

How can these kinds of people be friends? All they want is bad things to happen to you. If you actually think about it, they aren't really your friends.

Those Who Are Selfish

Now, there are many types of selfish people. Some may be good, but I am talking about the ones who don't help you whenever you ask for it. You might be the one always helping someone and they never return it, well you know what that is called? Selfish!

Those Who Always Lie

Something very common amongst friendships or even at the workplace are people who lie. They usually are the real causes of breakups in friendships. Although, sometimes we are the ones who realize it and still tolerate it. Liars are nothing but people who plan to screw you over.

If someone lies once, don't think it won't happen again. If you feel bad about walking away, I am here to tell you that you definitely shouldn't. It is always better to walk away sooner than never.

The Point

You never know who you will have to deal with in life. This may not always apply to every case. Sometimes it may apply to the business world, cases where you can't escape.

You might be at work and have to deal with these kinds of people. Although, it is never worth hanging around in a negative environment.

Your happiness is something important in your life. Don't let others ruin it!

I hope this blog changed something in your life or made your day better. Click here to stay updated!

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