What Does The Book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Teach us?

Are you a fan of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad?"

Well, I am.

Written in 1997, this book has sold millions of copies worldwide. If you read the content inside the book, you will clearly understand that it has world-class advice in there.

That being said, I would love to give you an overall review of what the book is promoting!

Money Works For The Rich, The Poor Work For Money

The difference between the rich and the poor is the way they think. People with a poor mentality work for money. There is nothing wrong with that, but they work very hard with an average wage that will never fulfill their needs, let alone their wants. Even if they worked the entire year, every day, all day, they still wouldn't be able to make enough money.

The rich on the other hand build teams, businesses, implement ideas and make more money by working smarter than the poor. All the money made is being produced by others, it is all because the rich provide more value. They don't focus on how hard they work rather on what can be achieved. The rich are achievement orientated while the poor are salary orientated.


If you don't know what an asset is, it is in simple words a useful or valuable thing. Something the poor don't seek to acquire.

An asset can be a rental house, a youtube channel, an online store, an investment, etc. The rich always have assets, and try to minimize their liabilities. These assets are all working by themselves and bringing income.

The poor are the exact opposite. They will acquire things they can't afford and always spend more than they earn. No wonder why you see them complain all the time.


Investment is the main difference between the poor and the rich.

The poor will rarely ever invest. The rich on the other hand always think about investments. You will always see rich people trying to find out how to invest. It could be in stocks, rental property, cryptocurrency, being a shareholder, etc. The poor will usually complain about investing, and think it is just a waste of time. Instead, they will invest in liabilities and never profit from them.

Ask a poor person about investment, they will usually only think about the downsides. Ask a rich person about investment, they will say it is the key to success.


The rich always try to become better at what they do. They are constantly learning and trying to provide more value. You will always see them reading books, attending e classes, Personal development courses, etc.

The poor work like robots. They stick to the same mentality all the time, are lazy, don't want to learn anything, and never change. If you meet them after a certain period of time, you will see they are still the same person.


Motivation can only last for a certain period of time, but what will keep you going? Habits! The rich always rely on their habits. The habits of a rich and poor person have a huge difference between them.

The rich are built on their habits, some of them being: Time management, reading, learning, eating healthy, etc.

The poor usually are poor because of their bad habits, such as drinking, wasting time, never learning, eating unhealthy foods, spending lots of money, etc.


Some of the most other common things you will see in the rich that you won't see in the poor:

  • They invest in themselves

  • They take many risks

  • They listen more

  • Hang around great people

  • Have a purpose

  • See worth, not price

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