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Updated: Jul 24

Beautifully formed Eyebrows are the hallmark of a youthful and glowing face. If you had to choose between your Eyeballs and Eyebrows, which one would you keep? Most of you will obviously opt for eyeballs, as eyebrows are just the weird forehead moustache that we all have, but what if I told you that eyebrows are way more important than you think. Take a look at these unsettling images of celebrities with and without brows:-

Now, let's Go Back In Time Apes, debatably our forefathers, have nearly a full face of hair and yet we only really retain visible hair on our Eyebrows.

Why did evolution lead us to lose most of our facial hair except this random little part above the eyes?

Well, here is your answer, some of the most interesting researchers have suggested that it may actually have to do with a very human trait, Empathy. Human beings, being a social animal, relied more and more on communication. Our eyebrows actually helped us to facilitate and show emotions, which increased survival. While early hominids likely preferred a heavy brow ridge, as a sign of dominance and strength, the need for this would have slowly diminished as communication became more useful.

What Studies on Face Recognition show?

The studies found that on average, after studying many people, that when eyebrows were removed it was harder to recognise the faces.

There is another evidence that eyebrows are weird yet important, take a look at 'Monalisa' one of the most famous and enigmatic paintings ever with no brows. What if she is actually a famous celebrity and none of us can recognise who she truly is? Jokes apart, let's know how it affects our life. Eyebrow Communication- A Real Thing Think about the way that your eyebrows can communicate, sometimes even involuntarily, without even changing other parts of your face. Not only can you convey emotions that are big like Surprise, Happiness, Anger but even minor movements of your eyebrows can cause subtle changes in your emotions like being concerned, uninterested or concentrating.

Expressive Dogs Tend to Quickly Find a Home!

Dogs with the most expressive eyebrows are the most likely to be adopted from shelters. Expressive dog eyebrows are actually the result of unconscious human preference. We value the communication exhibited from eyebrows so that dogs that are able to express that way have a selective advantage. So, next time remember that every eyebrow lift counts. Stay tuned, Stay updated.

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