Why Less is More

How many times have you been desperately wanting more of something? More money, more partying, more Netflix, more, more, more!

It can be really fun to always have more. It gives us that excitement we are always looking for.

Although, does always having more actually fulfill us in life? Is it actually what we want? Is it better for us in the long term?

What if I told you that if you have less you can gain more?

Here are some reasons why:


Now, if you were about to buy a car and you had 100 choices of what car to buy, wouldn't it be confusing to actually pick the right choice? You bet it would!

There is also a term in Psychology called "the paradox of choice", which states that many choices in a decision can be stressful rather than pleasing.

Fewer choices will most likely result in a better choice since you would tell yourself that you didn't have many choices anyway.

Just think about it, buying something with 2 choices vs 100. Which has a higher chance of making a mistake? It is obvious.


Would you like to have more money or less?

I rarely would hear anybody say less.

Guilt comes in when you go to your favorite store and go on a crazy spending spree, or even when you buy something you know you can't afford but still do.

The less you spend, the more you have. The sense of seeing your bank account with cash gives you a better feeling than seeing it empty.


What happens if you eat too much? You either gain weight or you might not feel well after your meal.

You will give your digestive system a harder time, and might even have a stomach ache after. Even if you are looking to go for a walk or do any physical sport after, it will take longer to digest.

How would you feel If you eat less? Your body would have more time to process the food, of course! It won't be hard on your stomach after and even let you have more space for a nice glass of wine!


We have 2 ears and 1 mouth. The 2 stands for listening more than we speak.

If you talk too much, not only will you lose respect, you will lose a chance to learn or gain additional value.

The more you talk, the more you have a chance of making a mistake.


Almost all of us love to party or go out for a beer. The party can't get fun without some alcohol, right? You bet! Although, everything has a limit.

If you go drink too much alcohol and party all the time, wouldn't it be fun? It would be until a point, but after, it'll just cause you more stress and maybe even many other problems in your life.

If you party less, drink less, you will have more time, more money, more fun.

It isn't a surprise if you drink too much that you may be stressed or just bored from partying.


We realized that too much of anything is bad for us.

You don't have to live a life of overdoing anything. You can just enjoy it by following a simple lifestyle of having less, doing less. Quality will always beat quantity.

Our mind just works that way. It always wants a change.

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