Why The 9-5 Kills Productivity

You can call it the 9-5, the 40-hour workweek, the 8-4, whatever you want. It is basically the same thing most people go through in their work-life.

A working schedule used for decades, the 9-5 working mentality is widely used even in the modern times. It has been eliminated by many successful companies, as it is seen to not produce as many results as it should. It is also known to be a traditional working schedule.

You may be wondering why I am saying these things? Well, today I am going to list some reasons why you are holding back your career with the 9-5 work-life (if you love the 9-5, this blog isn't for you).

No Flexibility

What I and most people hate about the traditional working methods (the 9-5) is its lack of flexibility. You maybe want to go somewhere, have something to do, and you can't because you are restricted by the working hours or maybe just can't work in a certain period of time. It is okay to take a break and relax, what most managers say isn't true when they want you to work for many hours straight.

A study done by inc.com showed that people in the 8-hour daytime were only actually productive 3 hours of those 8 hours. It is because they are only there for 8 hours. They may hate their job and when someone hates their job, guess what happens? They try to avoid tasks!

Low Productivity

The 9-5 working schedule definitely kills productivity. Here's why:

  • Employees focus on the day to end.

  • Employees will get tired and work less later in the day.

  • Employees will waste time.

  • Employees will get bored.

  • Employees might have lacked sleep and are tired.

  • Employees won't give full commitment.

Employees all have their own traits, some might be productive during the day, some at night, some in the morning. A tight work schedule kills productivity.

Many managers or Directors will get angry when they hear this, but usually, these types of people have no vision.

If you look at some very successful companies around the world, they all work with deadlines. If they have to work more than 8 hours, they will. There is always room for more work and more productivity. Something the 9-5 kills!

No Achievements

Because of the lack of interest, boredom, and focusing on the day to end, the employees won't be focusing on getting work done but leaving it behind. They won't come to tell you this!

When you will be asking them "why didn't you finish the work?" They will usually use the excuse of their shift ending.

In these kinds of situations, employees are just working to do, not to achieve. They are doers rather than achievers.

Toxic Environment

When employee burnout starts kicking in, the tables will start to turn at the workplace. They may be frustrated by their financial situation, the workplace environment, or something else that happened in their life. This all tops it off with a toxic work schedule.

As a result, there will be no teamwork and just a lot of hatred in between each other. That isn't something you want at the workplace.

When all these negative factors build up, they will destroy the business and the employee.


Although I mentioned everything, there are still many people out there who love the 40hour workweeks. This is not a blog to attack their opinions because of course there are some people who love the 9-5 and find their productivity during these hours.

The world is always undergoing innovation so we have to stay updated with it.

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